You Have The Power To Change The World

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Science shows that when you choose kindness, you change the world around you. How you do it is up to you. We’re here to make it easy.
“Kindness gives real power to the question ‘What if?’ What if we, through our acts of kindness to one another and ourselves could make good more powerful than bad? The butterfly effect of kindness can help us answer that question.”

Carolyn Booker

Chief Nursing Officer, Northside Hospital

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“By doing just one small act of kindness you can genuinely make the world a brighter place – one person at a time.”

Leeson Murray

Citizen Scientist

Birmingham, AL

Every act makes a difference.
Science shows us how.


KINDNESS Boosts emotional and mental well-being.

(, 2017)


Kindness is the best way to increase the well-being of the general population.

(Solanes, 2021)


Kindness Is contagious & compounding.

(Rowland & Curry, 2018; Fowler & Christakis, 2010; Schnall et al., 2010)

A kinder world starts with you.

Our research shows that even one kind act creates a positive change. Whether it’s kindness to yourself, a friend, or someone you pass on the street, we each have the power to change the world.