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This spring,
choose kindness

A kinder world takes us all.

We use science to unlock the power and potential of humanity's greatest asset: kindness.

and measure impact
along the way

We're Building a
Kinder World

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What would our world look like if the next generation became leaders in kindness? We’re working with kids to make that a reality.

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The potential of kindness is quite literally unlimited. But we can only grasp it together. Explore how we’re working to activate kindness at scale.

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Everyday Kindness

Even small acts can make a big impact. Explore the power of everyday kindness online, at home, or in your community.

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A kinder company means happier, healthier employees. Get tools and resources to bring more kindness to your workplace, no matter where your team is located.

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New & Noteworthy

Kindness Edition

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Verizon, Nextdoor, and announce results for the 2nd United States of Kindness

What's the state of kindness in the United States of America? This year, for the second annual United States of Kindness, and thanks to the support of Nextdoor and Verizon, we researched kindness between neighbors and the impact that kindness has on communities. The results are in, and we think you'll love learning about the role kindness plays where you live. Read the report to learn more.

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Announcing the Winners of A Call For Kindness Video Contest

Kindness called and you answered! We’re proud to showcase the top three winners from the Call for Kindness video contest in partnership with Verizon and Audpop. We hope you enjoy the creativity, humanity, and KINDNESS in each of these stories.

Founding members of The Choose Kindness Alliance:, ABC, ESPN, and Walton Family Foundation joins The Choose Kindness Alliance as a Founding Member

We are proud to be a founding member of The Choose Kindness Alliance, a coalition of the nation’s leading nonprofit organizations championing bullying prevention, intentional inclusion, and youth mental wellness. Follow on social media for resources designed to help coaches, parents, and educators empower students to choose kindness.

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Caillou Gets Kinder with Learn Kind

We partnered with Wild Brain, the creative minds behind Caillou, to co-produce 3 kindness-focused episodes and an original song. Our free K-8 curriculum Learn Kind plays an important role in Caillou's exploration. All 3 videos are available now (song coming in October!).

Our Impact

Our Impact Is
Because Of You.

  • 2M+ Kind Acts & Counting
  • 100k+ Students Served
  • 145 Countries Active
  • 160 Research Citations
  • 634,238 Kind Acts Rated
  • 177M+ Content Views
By doing just one small act of kindness you can genuinely make the world a brighter place one person at a time.
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Partners & Collaborations

A world changed by kindness is only possible together

The Kindness Challenge

Science shows that kindness is in our genes, so we teamed up with 23andMe to spread the word that everyday acts of kindness are a choice and require action.

Kindness is Newsworthy*

“ wants to show people everywhere that contributing an act of kindness not only makes the world a better place, but it actually improves your overall well-being, too.”

*More than 180 media mentions from outlets across business, tech, science, well-being, family, and more.

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