Kindness is all around us.

Right now, the world is experiencing a kindness deficit.

We're on a mission to change that.

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What We Do

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We start with academic research

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Test findings in real-world situations

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Create content and action-based programs

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Evaluate and iterate for maximum impact

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Activate kindness at scale

Choose kindness today

Every kind act matters. What impact will you have?

Make a difference in schools

Learn Kind

Teachers need kindness curriculum that accounts for each student’s experience, personality, home life, and unique educational needs.

Learn Kind is our new Inquiry-Based Learning framework for bringing kindness and social-emotional education to classrooms. Are you interested in being a pilot classroom?

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Assist with research


We utilize an interdisciplinary mix of research in genetics, neuroscience, psychology, economics, and anthropology to answer questions like: What are the costs and benefits of being kind? What kind acts are the most impactful? How does kindness contribute to a happy and fulfilling life?

Become a Citizen Scientist and help test our theories in real-world situations.

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Have an effect in workplaces

Work Kind

Kindness works at work! Not only do 72% of employees think it’s important for an employer to recognize kind acts in the workplace, but there are proven benefits for businesses, too. Work Kind is our action-based programming designed to maximize the well-being of organizations and the people who power them.

In 2020, we are partnering with Culture Amp to grant the first-ever Kind Company Awards. Sign up for more info.

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Let’s build a kinder world, together.

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