Kindness is all around us.

Our world is in crisis.

Kindness matters more than ever.

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What We Do

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We start with academic research

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Test findings in real-world situations

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Create content and action-based programs

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Evaluate and iterate for maximum impact

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Activate kindness at scale

Choose kindness today

Every kind act matters. What impact will you have?

A response to School Closures

Learn Kind

The Learn Kind Pilot is paused for now, but our committment to teaching kindness and soft skills is stronger than ever.

Check out our curated list of outstanding resources that are available right now for free, covering a wide range of subject areas, including core subjects like ELA and math, as well as STEM, SEL, and the arts. Let’s make sure social distancing doesn’t leave kindness behind.

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We utilize an interdisciplinary mix of research in genetics, neuroscience, psychology, economics, and anthropology to answer questions like: What are the costs and benefits of being kind? What kind acts are the most impactful? How does kindness contribute to a happy and fulfilling life?

Become a Citizen Scientist and help test our theories in real-world situations.

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Every Kind Act Matters

Our new Book, Be Kind takes the three elements of our mission, to educate and inspire people to choose kindness, and lays it out in a guide for you to experience a year of kindness, week by week.

Exclusive pre-order promotions are available now.


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