Kindness is all around us.

How Will You Impact Someone’s Life Today?

Try an act of kindness.
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When Choosing Kindness,

Positive side effects may occur

Increased optimism. Reduced stress. Lowered anxiety. Tendency to change the world.

The Kindness Effect

Through our Kindlab research with Oxford University, we found that being kind has a significant effect on well-being and happiness. In fact, even witnessing a kind act can improve your day.

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“If we could spend an hour each day to do something kind for others, I believe we could start seeing the world in a more positive way.”

Cynthia Yip / Ambassador

“As Prefects, we want to do what we can to create a kinder environment for every student, teacher, staff member, and for everyone who walks into our school grounds to thrive in. Through the Kindness Project we hope that kindness will spread far beyond our gates, and that members of the school community will bring kindness with them out into their everyday lives. ” 

Katrina / Student, Australia

"A little kindness goes a long way. What might take you a moment, could make all the difference to someone else’s day, week, year… even the rest of their life."

Dr. Oliver Scott Curry / Kindlab Advisor & Senior Researcher at the University of Oxford

Everyone has the capacity to be kind.

Kindness transcends difference, is universally recognized, and is available to everyone. Make your impact. Choose kindness right now.

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