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How We Work

We use science to build products, programs, and partnerships that empower people to transform behaviors and choose kindness more often.

Our Programs

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What is the true impact of kindness and how can we best advance it? Understanding the biological basis and psychological circuitry of kindness enables us to explore the real, quantifiable, and often far-reaching effects of kindness. In the Kindlab, we conduct research on the causes and consequences of kindness, and use our findings to build tools and programs to increase kindness around the world.

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Learn Kind

We know that to build a kinder world, we need to nurture kinder kids. And where better to begin than in the classroom? Learn Kind is our K-8th grade kindness curriculum, powered by scientific inquiry and social-emotional learning (SEL). Our first fully-applied program, Learn Kind was developed in response to leading research and the voices of hundreds of educators, to help students choose kindness more often. By introducing kindness through inquiry, we leverage students’ innate curiosity and invite them to experience for themselves the impact kindness can have on them and those around them.

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Everyday Kindness

A kinder world is right at our fingertips, but it takes all of us. The goal of our work is to empower anyone, anywhere, to choose kindness more often, and more effectively. So we’ve created tools, resources, and digital content to help get you started. Find out how you can bring more kindness to your life, relationships, and community.

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Work Kind

We believe prioritizing kindness at work leads to happier, healthier working environments and thriving employees. Reach out to us for resources and tools to bring kindness to the forefront of employee interaction.

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Realizing the potential of kindness in the world takes thoughtful and strategic collaboration with like-minded partners. Whether we’re working together on ground-breaking research studies, innovative products and programs, or campaigns to activate kindness in unique ways, we know that kindness at scale is always truly collaborative. We’ve worked with some incredible partners and are always eager to find other partners to join us on this journey. Let’s do something special together.

Some of our partners
  • Verizon
  • Nivea
  • Highlights
  • Molly College
  • NBA
  • Instagram

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