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What if you had the power to
change the world?

We're on a mission to educate and inspire people to choose kindness.

The Power &
Potential Of

Makes you happy.
(Curry et al., 2018)
Can lower your blood pressure
(Whillans et al., 2016)
Is the most effective way to improve your well-being and the well-being of another person at the same time.
(Pressman et al., 2015)
Boosts emotional and mental well-being.
(, 2017)
Can help prevent disease.
(Nelson-Coffey et al., 2017)
Helps kids develop healthy peer relationships.
(Kaplan et al., 2016)
Can reduce the effects of stress.
(Raposa et al., 2016)
Makes leaders more respected.
(Hardy & Van Vugt, 2006)
Reduces social anxiety.
(Trew & Alden, 2015)
Improves the well-being of school-aged children
(Layous et al., 2012)
Is essential for healthy, thriving workplaces.
(US Chamber of Commerce, 2016)
Is contagious and compounding.
(Rowland & Curry, 2018; Fowler & Christakis, 2010; Schnall et al., 2010)

Mental health. Physical well-being. Social dynamics. Healthy child development. And all with a naturally compounding effect. We’ve only scratched the surface of what we know kindness can impact - but it’s a pretty good start.

Imagine what it would
look like if choosing
kindness was the norm

we believe
it’s possible

How We Work

To see the full potential of kindness realized at scale, we work strategically across these domains


How can we most effectively build a kinder world? This is our leading question and informs all that we do. Through Kindlab, our research hub, we explore the causes and consequences of kindness, and use our findings to build the tools that empower anyone, anywhere to choose kindness more often.

  • 4 Published Papers
  • 9 Working Papers
  • 160 Citations
  • 634K Kind Act Ratings
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We know that to build a kinder world, we need to nurture kinder kids. And where better to begin than in the classroom? Learn Kind is our K-8th grade kindness curriculum, powered by scientific inquiry and social-emotional learning (SEL). Learn Kind was developed in response to leading research and the voices of hundreds of educators, to help students choose kindness more often. By introducing kindness through inquiry, we leverage students’ innate curiosity and invite them to experience for themselves the impact kindness can have on them and those around them.

  • 100k+ Students Served
  • 47 US States
  • C+ to B Average Kindness Grade
  • 100% Reported Positive Outcomes
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Activating as many people as possible to join this mission takes thoughtful and strategic collaboration with like-minded partners. Whether we’re working together on ground-breaking research studies, innovative products and programs, or campaigns to activate kindness in unique ways, we know that kindness at scale requires collaboration. We’ve worked with some incredible partners and are always eager to find other partners to join us on this journey. Let’s do something special together.

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A kinder world is right at our fingertips, but it takes all of us. The goal of our work is to empower anyone, anywhere, to choose kindness more often, and more effectively. So we’ve created tools, resources, and digital content to help get you started. Find out how you can bring more kindness to your life, relationships, and community.

  • 2M+ Kind Acts
  • 100+ Kindness Walls
  • 500+ Citizen Scientists
  • 177M Content Views
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We believe prioritizing kindness at work leads to happier, healthier working environments and thriving employees. Reach out to us for resources and tools to bring kindness to the forefront of employee interaction.

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Our Operating Principles

Everything we do is driven by our core principles

Research Illustration

Research Drives it All

Science is the foundation and heartbeat of our work. Our lived experience tells us that kindness is good, but only with an understanding of our inner workings and social dynamics can we activate kindness for its greatest efficacy and impact. We’re committed to open, interdisciplinary, and collaborative research that draws on the best of social, behavioral, and life sciences, so that we can build the most effective solutions for a kinder world. And because we’re also committed to research that is ongoing, we’re able to continually iterate and improve our work.

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Anyone, Anywhere

Kindness has the power to overcome differences and bridge divides. It provides a common language and is universally valued. Everyone has the capacity to choose kindness, but it’s not always easy, and sometimes you don’t know where to start. Because we believe that building a kinder world takes all of us, everything we do is ultimately to empower anyone, anywhere in the world to choose kindness often and effectively. We package the learnings from our research into programs, toolkits, sharable content, and other materials to allow you to activate kindness where you live and work. Every act makes a difference - we want to make it an easy choice.

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Collaboration is Key

Kindness spreads faster when we work together. We think of ourselves as a connective thread, educating and equipping individuals and organizations with the solutions they need to activate kindness. Collaboration is central to all we do. From working with researchers at Harvard University, to educators bringing Learn Kind to life in their classrooms, to the millions of people who have helped us spread kindness, we never really do anything alone. The cause of kindness takes conscious collaboration. And we’re so glad it does.

Partner With Us

Do you want to help build a kinder world? We want to hear your ideas. We do our best to reply to every inquiry.


How we’re funded

We work with major donors, foundations and corporate partners to sustain our growth and work. We’re always on the lookout for the values aligned people and partners to support us. Please let us know if that’s you.

Charity Navigator 100/100 Score Badge

The World Wants More Kindness*

“ wants to show people everywhere that contributing an act of kindness not only makes the world a better place, but it actually improves your overall well-being, too.”

*More than 180 media mentions from outlets across business, tech, science, well-being, family, and more.

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