Kindness is all around us.

Who we are

We are a nonprofit with a bold hypothesis: Kindness is the catalyst in solving the world’s biggest challenges. We believe a kinder world is possible, and we’re here to make it happen.

Our Mission

To educate and inspire people to choose kindness

Our Vision

A world where people choose kindness first

Our Values


Our commitment to innovation keeps us curious, inquisitive, and nimble.


We believe honesty and transparency is the best policy.


We believe all are welcome to be kind.


We are cognizant of our impact and strive to be intentional with everything we put out there.


We use data to maximize our impact.

How we make an impact

Using our research and learnings, we continue to motivate our community to take kind actions. Together, our collective action drives our impact in building kinder communities everywhere.


Everything we do is grounded in science.

Diverse Methodology

In the lab, in cyberspace, or in the field, we gather data and stories for analysis. We collaborate with academics, researchers, and volunteers to scale and diversify our research across the globe.

Behavior Change Science

We activate long-term behavior change by leveraging research and methods from multiple fields including psychology, anthropology, and neuroscience.


We publish our findings to educate the public on everything there is to know about kindness.

Global Community

A kinder world begins with all of us.

Community Building

Our community spans 193 nations and we talk with them daily.


We produce events, campaigns and creative assets designed to inspire people to do acts of kindness within their networks and communities.


We partner with global companies to bring kindness to any environment through on-site activations and educational experiences.

Activations Anywhere

Bringing positive social change.

Every Act Matters

Research shows that kindness spreads through others, and that every act has the potential to triple its impact. (Christakis & Fowler, 2017).

Shareable Content

We provide kindness wall toolkits, videos, gifs, and other materials to allow anyone, anywhere to bring kind acts to where they live and work.

Cycle of Change

Our focus on cutting-edge research and real-time measurement of our impact allows us to quickly evolve to embrace new opportunities for kindness to affect positive social change.

How We’re Funded

We work with foundations and corporate partners to sustain our growth and work.

Special thanks to the NEON Foundation for generously supporting the development and launch of

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Our Financials


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Do an Act of Kindness

Your impact can start right now. Whether it’s an act towards yourself, towards someone else, or for the planet, every act matters.

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