Kindness is all around us.

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Research kindness in real life. No lab coat or degree required.

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World’s First Citizen Scientist Program Focused on Kindness

By collecting first-hand stories and experiences where they live and work, our team of scientists is making it possible to grow our research and data on a global scale.

“I love the idea of being part of a worldwide network of people researching one same topic, each with our own perspectives. To me working as a part of a research team exclusively online is completely new and exciting."

Neus Crous-Costa / Osor, Spain / Citizen Scientist

“I have enjoyed being a Citizen Scientist because it gives me an opportunity to explore kindness within my own work environment, and how kindness has a huge impact on the bigger picture of human interaction.”

Rebekkah Wall / Springfield, MO / Citizen Scientist

“When I began my role as a citizen scientist I saw that there were times I reacted to a situation instead of being aware of the impact I was making on a person's spirit. This role has made me be more mindful of my reactions.”

Patty Nobles / Corvallis , OR / Citizen Scientist

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Here’s some of what our Citizen Scientists have learned so far.

Taking Down Barriers

Our Citizen Journalist team in Kibera, Kenya studied how to take down barriers to kindness in their community

Kindness at Work

Small and simple acts like holding doors, smiling, and saying “good morning” were among the top acts reported.

Impact on Mood

Asking someone about their evening/weekend plans had the largest impact on mood (average of 0.9 points happier on a scale of 1-5)

Boosting Morale

90.5% of those surveyed said intentional acts of kindness between coworkers could make an impact on stressful work situations, mostly by creating more supportive environments and boosting morale.

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Spend at least 20 hours a week working at a company or organization? Volunteer to help us define kindness at work and make it an essential part of the workplace culture.

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Work in a school setting as a teacher or administrator? Volunteer to help us explore how kindness can be taught and its impact on students and educators alike.

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Current projects not the best fit? You can still apply to become a Citizen Scientist, and we'll keep you updated on future projects.

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