Kindness is all around us.

A Community Led by Kindness

A kinder world is possible—and, together, we will make this a reality.

“Can I Help You With Anything?”

A simple question can create a meaningful experience. Watch how the small act of reaching out can make a big impact.

Making an Impact

Listening Across Generations

Citizen Scientist Lubna Kabir’s friendship with 93 year old Dorothy McSheen at a Manhattan elder care facility has shaped her passion for…

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Turning to Kindness in Challenging

Cynthia Yip grew up witnessing her mom always taking time to help others.

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Kindness in action


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  • Brazil
  • India

Joshua Ogure

Kibera, Kenya

Josh led our Citizen Journalist team on the ground in Kibera, Kenya and helped us explore the challenges of kindness in places of conflict.

Molly Bass

Hickory, North Carolina

Molly worked with the School Board to inspire every student in Hickory to do an act by adding kind words to her beautiful mural.

Sabeena Ahmed

Dubai, UAE

Inspired by “Can I Help You With Anything,” Sabeena has shared stories with our global community about how education and small acts of kindness can create ripples of change.

In the community

Event Recap

Kindness Wall Activation in Times Square, NYC

Nov 13, 2017 — For World Kindness Day, we built walls to take down barriers. In celebration, Zappos, Ogilvy, and SoulCycle also participated with their own Kindness walls.

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Event Recap

Kindness Prom in Venice, CA

May 5, 2018 — Partnering with Instagram and the launch of their newest bullying filter, we created a “Kindness Prom” in Venice, CA to celebrate teen influencers who used Instagram for good. We helped with informing CTA’s and providing science based facts for one of their installations.

Event Recap

Kindness Wall Activation in Owosso, MI

Nov 13, 2017 — On World Kindness Day 2017, community member Brandy brought local schools, businesses, and organizations together to pledge to choose kindness. Despite the chilly Michigan weather, over 1,400 people came out to drink hot chocolate, speak about kindness, and add their name to a beautiful chalk wall.

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